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It's not what you have, but how you live.


All recipes on this page are my own unless otherwise specified.

Morning Smoothie

1 banana

1 cup of frozen mango chunks (140 g)

1 cup frozen strawberries (140 g)

1/2 cup lite coconut milk

1/3 cup Fage Greek Yogurt, plain, full fat

Breakfast smoothieStart with the banana, yogurt and coconut milk. Blend until smooth. Add the mango and blend, then the strawberries. This is a thick smoothie, very creamy and satisfying. It takes a while for my Oster blender to get everthing going, but resist the urge to thin it more. You’ll be glad you did!

This recipe makes around a 2 cup serving, which keeps me going until lunch time. It has 395 calories and a whopping 53 grams of sugar, ALL of which are naturally in the food. I didn’t add any. You can reduce that by swapping berries for the mango (it has 23 grams). I haven’t decided how I feel about this, since most of the concern about sugar is around added sugar, not that naturally occurring in whole food. I am also blending, not juicing, so I’m getting all of the fiber and nutrients of the whole fruit. I like this article a lot – it has quite a few suggestions which I’m going to try to reduce the amount of fruit I use since I’m over the two cups a day suggestion.

It also has a lot of potassium, which is something that we often don’t get enough of in a typical sodium-heavy diet. Adequate potassium intake is necessary for blood pressure regulation, among other things.

I do use full-fat yogurt. I’m not fat-phobic, and anyway there is only about 3 grams in the 1/3 cup used. I prefer the texture, taste and fullness factor of the whole milk yogurt.

This can be adapted in many ways, adding different fruits, green things or even protein powder if you use that. While this might be my favorite combination, mixed berries are tasty and peaches will go in when they are available locally. I also frequently use plain Kefir instead of coconut milk for the liquid.


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