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SEVEN months later…

(Which is nothing compared to the length of Opus’ nap.)

I really do needIMG_20150711_153455361_HDR to work on showing up more often. I think about it a lot but somehow don’t get around to it. Let’s see, what’s been going on? Last time I was here, it was sorting through boxes in the attic and donating the baby clothes that my now pretty much grown children used to wear. Today, they are both someplace else. My oldest has graduated, gone on his European tour and is moving in a couple of weeks, into his post-college apartment. I guess he’s not coming back, at least not just yet. The youngest is in Utah, working all summer at a great internship – fresh out of freshman year at college. I thought he would be home at least this summer, but it was not to be. He’ll be here for three weeks or so between the end of the internship and the beginning of sophomore year. I guess it’ll have to do. They are doing what makes them happy, which makes me happy, but I still miss them.

The big move is done – my wonderful man moved in back in January, and it seems to have gone well. His daughters are here sometimes, but school, jobs and athletics keeps them pretty busy. We see less of them over the summer, and I can see the same pattern with them as with mine. Growing up, maturing, needing less from us but still not quite ready to let go. They’re such a pleasure to have around! I still have closets that could use a good spring cleaning to say the least and clutter that could be reduced, but we are fitting in pretty well, all in all.

Summer has shown up rather decisively, bringing the heat and humidity that the area is known for this time of year, but aIMG-20150711-WA0001lso the farm fresh produce that I have enjoyed since I was a kid growing up on a farm. It’s as beautiful as it is tasty, and the market is a favorite, if crowded, destination here throughout the growing season. Tomatoes in shades of red, purple, pinkish, yellow, orange, even a green and yellow stripe variety are competing for your attention with purple peppers, ripe orange and red melons, fuzzy peaches the size of baseballs, berries, greens, and corn by the pickup truck full! I made three trips to the car on Saturday, and now just need to find a couple of teenagers to help me eat it. I’m still unconsciously shopping for two boys young men, and Scott will be away more than here this week. I did head over to my son’s apartment on Sunday morning to give him a bag of market bounty, with cooking instructions.

We’re going on vacation in the fall – a really nice one, and I’m pretty excited about it. We prefer independent travel and don’t choose to go on tours. Planning is a large part of the fun for me – I can save money, go to the places we want to see and contrIMG_20150606_150630ol the pace and mode of travel. I love reading about the destinations, thinking about where to go and what to see, with the anticipation building as we go through the process. It’s fun to finally get there and see all of the things I’ve been reading about, taste the foods I’ve been dreaming about, and sit and watch a new part of the world go by. I’m SURE I’ll write more about it, as we work to plan a great trip and not break the bank in the process. We’ve already found nice places to stay through Airbnb, and booked our one high speed train trip in advance. I used the site, which was quick, easy and secure (although for my son’s trip I used Rail Europe and had no problems there either). Our trip is fairly short so we booked second class from Bruges to Paris. It’s quite comfortable and is about $40 each for a relaxing trip, with no concerns about luggage size limits as you find with budget airlines. The framework is in place, now we just need to fill it with fun.


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