Making The Good Life

It's not what you have, but how you live.

What’s going on here?

Ok, I lied just a little. I’m not 50 or beyond…yet. I’ll be 50 in August, and this blog is me getting ready for the big event. Getting mentally and physically ready for the next bit of my life.

It’s a little bit about everything – how to keep on doing and being my best as I age. That covers a lot of ground for me. I want to be physically healthy – fit, strong, free of chronic ailments; I want to be mentally healthy – good relationships with my family, strong friendships, happy.

These are the things I need in order to feel ready for the things that life will hurl at me in the next 50 or so years. It’s hard to find a lot of information out there for women my age and circumstances. There’s More Magazine, which is about the only magazine targeting our age group. BUT – the women are still richer, more famous and far more successful that I am. What I want to know is, where’s the magazine for a mid-life woman who wants more out of life without a big budget? Where’s the magazine for a woman who wants to look her best but thinks that $36 is a little much for a bottle of shampoo (slide 18)? Where’s the resource for your basic suburban, working, single mom who isn’t ready to throw in the towel just yet?

Since I can’t find what I want, I decided to make it. So this blog will be a little bit about me and the journey, and a little bit about what’s out there that works and still fits into a budget. I hope, if anyone finds and reads this, that you’ll share your story and your journey as well.


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